5 Reasons To Sign Up For Meals That Heal

1. You are tired of saying “I know what to do, I just don’t do it”.

  • The plans you’ve made and motivations behind improving your health don’t seem to be enough for sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • You’ve been motivated to meal plan for the week. Decide on recipes, create your shopping list, go shopping, and even cook a few meals.
  • You’ve noticed you’re not feeling, or looking, like yourself any more. You can’t identify with who you see in the mirror and you feel you’re too young to feel that way.
  • You know the foods to eat and the foods to curb. You’ve told yourself to minimize going through the drive through. But it’s late, you’re in a rush, and you’re tired.

The Meals That Heal program is a structured 6-week program with step-by-step guidance on planning your objective-based (e.g. weight loss, lower blood pressure) and behavior-based (e.g. adding strawberries as a snack 3 times a week, cooking dinner at home 4 times a week) goals. Noone is going to undo decades of habits in 6-weeks, however this intensive, highly-focused program will help kickstart the habits one needs to create sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to feeling great and decreasing the needs for prescriptions and procedures.

2. You don’t want to feel like poop any more.

  • Most people ask “What am I eating and how is that causing health issues?” – What if we flip that question to ask “What am I NOT eating and how is THAT causing health issues?
  • Whether you are experiencing digestive issues, brain fog, fatigue, or headaches- it’s exhausting and understandable to be frustrated with your body for not working as well as it used to.

The Meals That Heal program includes personalized nutrition counseling sessions to help get to the root of your individual health concerns. In addition to reviewing previous labs, health history, symptoms, and medications, we also discuss stress management, sleep, poop patterns, and interest/ability to cook throughout the week. Devising a plan that is specific to the individual to get back to “feel good” as soon as possible.

3. Supportive Community
The struggle is real, and it is common. Everyone may be on their own wellness journey, but there seems to be a common denominator in the many challenges people face.

The Meals That Heal program meets weekly for 6-weeks. Each class will discuss goals, a specific nutrition/lifestyle topic, and engage in a hands-on culinary activity. Attendees will share their successes and challenges – AND – their strategies for how they overcome those challenges. Everyone will be learning together all while we eat delicious food. Full, happy bellies is the goal.

4. Tie. You don’t have time, know how, or care to… cook. And You love to eat. Meals Provided.
Kids. Spouses. Elderly Parents. Work. School. The demands of life are legit and it’s seemingly impossible to “pivot” such that you know what to shop for, how to prepare it, and make it taste great. Oh and we all want the food to make us feel and look great too! No pressure.

The Meals That Heal program offers one meal a day for 28 days! The recipes are designed by Registered Dietitian, Heather Borders, and prepared by Wen Raiti’s cafe, House of Leaf and Bean. The meals are full of flavor and fiber, low fat, no cholesterol, and low sodium. Think about it, one incredibly nutritious meal per day is a 33% improvement on your current situation! That is not insignificant. That being said, it’s also not a huge commitment either. It’s just… one meal per day. Full Disclosure: previous participants kept telling us that the one nutritious meal per day totally influenced their choices at other meals – even when they ate out at restaurants. Change begets change.

All you have to decide is – what are you going to do with the extra time on your hands from not cooking?

5. It works.
The two pilot programs we ran in 2019 allowed participants to drop out with a prorated refund. Every single participant completed the program. The results were obvious and immediate. Everyone experienced physical benefits to some extent and that included:

  • Weight loss
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased inflammation markers
  • Decreased/eliminate medications
  • Decreased glucose
  • Decreased brain fog
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Improved bowel/digestive function

Click here for testimonials from the previous cohorts. 

The Meals That Heal program requires lab tests before and after the program. Some benefits may be felt and some benefits will be witnessed on paper. The highly nutritious prepared meals, the personalized counseling to key in on individual needs, and engaging/interactive weekly cooking classes all come together as the magic formula for preparing participants for the lifestyle changes so desperately desired.

Who is the Meals That Heal program NOT intended for?

Obviously, this program is not for everyone. Are you going through a major life change such as moving, going back to school, starting a new job, getting a divorce, just had a baby? This program will provide supportive accountability and substantial resources to help participants reach their health goals and alleviate their uncomfortable health symptoms. However, this program requires commitment and is not for someone who is married to their current lifestyle, disinterested in change, or unwilling to be patient with the process.

Let’s Do It

If you are ready to taste life in a way that you haven’t experienced before, please check out the details and fill out the screening survey.

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