Kailo Nutrition: Culinary Community Partners

Lifestyle changes are hard. we get that.

Lisa Franzino, Chef

Culinary Inspiration Officer

Lisa had a circuitous career path that led her to the culinary world. After graduate school, she worked as a Technical Writer for Intel Corporation. However, the ergonomics of sitting at a desk all day, along with a recent battle with cancer led her to focus on her health and take a different career path. She completed an intensive yoga teacher training in Bikram Yoga and then opened two yoga studios in Jacksonville, Florida. Also an avid photographer, Lisa started one of the first full-service virtual tour companies, Circlescapes and has run that along with her business partner since 2008.

An increasing awareness of and interest in how movement and diet impact healing, along with an Italian heritage in savoring every meal, Lisa started studying plant-based culinary techniques in her spare time. She first attended the Rouxbe Online Cooking School in 2014 and then Living Light Culinary Institute, a Gourmet Raw Culinary School based in California where she received her Culinary Chef Degree. She also holds a certificate as a Science of Raw Nutrition Educator from Drs. Rick and Karin Dina. Lisa joined Kailo Nutrition in 2016 where she teaches public and private cooking classes as well as leads community demonstrations designed to show people how easy eating healthy can be.

Chef Lisa adopted a vegetarian lifestyle as a young child out of compassion for animals. However, eating vegetarian didn’t necessarily mean eating healthy. Growing up, Lisa predominantly ate cheese, white flour (breads, bagels and pasta) and the occasional vegetables or legumes.

It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis in her twenties that she began to look to plant-based foods for healing. Her Aunt Cheryl, a lifelong raw foodist inspired her to grow and drink wheatgrass and incorporate raw foods as a supplement to the Western medicine protocol. Adopting a whole food, plant-based diet, along with a regular yoga practice, has helped her stay cancer-free for over 20 years.

It is Lisa’s firm belief that eating healthy can be easy, satisfying and most importantly, DELICIOUS. It is her passion to teach others how to create meals that are not only packed with nutrients, but also taste good, so that they can make a lifestyle shift to a healthy diet WITHOUT sacrificing flavor.

When she is not in the kitchen, blogging or teaching private or community cooking classes, Lisa practices and teaches Bikram yoga, travels, does panoramic photography, visits vegan restaurants, and plays soccer with her 13-year old Jack Russell, Max. Lisa lives in St, Augustine, FL.

Academic Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of North Florida
  • Master of Science, Technical Communication Portland State University
  • Gourmet Raw Chef, Living Light Culinary Institute

Credentials, Professional Associations, and Certifications

  • Bikram Yoga Instructor
  • Rouxbe Plant-based Chef
  • Science of Raw Nutrition Educator

Jonathon Addington, chef

Culinary Inspiration Officer

Jonathon has spent a couple of decades in kitchens and restaurants, gaining knowledge and training to build a skill set almost forgotten in the culinary world. In looking at a pantry or set of cupboards, a refrigerator or freezer, being able to take feeling to flavor; whether it be someone’s want for savory, umami, spicy or what have you, the ability to build an unconventional or conventional meal depending on the wishes of the parties partaking is something that he excels at and excitedly puts together with an off-beat, goofy sense of humor that makes meal preparation fun.

Jonathon’s plant-based lifestyle beginnings began after reading about the profound health benefits, improved environmental sustainability, and respect for animals. He is a voracious reader, so you may find him on nice days in a hammock reading a book, drawing a picture or simply just taking some time to relax in his kitchen. He has two rescue canine companions: Cinder, a Hurricane Katrina survivor that has been with him since 2009; and Little Baby Alec Baldwin, who was barely a handful when first introduced. Both of them Jonathon feels are extensions of his own personality and how we can make life better for everyone over time.

Credentials, Professional Associations, and Certifications

  • e-Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition
  • National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Food Safety Manager Certification

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