The next farm on our list is Biogera Farms. Biogera Farms aims to deliver the best quality produce for an affordable price. Through technology differentials and local advantageous distribution logistics, they make this possible! You can get in contact with Gustavo Rebello, the farm contact through

Biogera Farms is located at 4088 W State Road 235, Alachua, FL 32615. They offer tours almost every day of the week, Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm, and Sundays from 1pm-5pm. In addition to visiting their farm, you can find them at:

If you are in the Alachua county area, Biogera Farms even offers delivery of their produce!

Biogera Farms grows all their produce GMO and pesticide free. Their drip irrigation system allows saving of 70% of water and 60% of power compared to a farm of the same size! While looking out for the environment, they are also looking out for the future, offering kid-centric activities such as U-Pick, July-October and January-March, where kids can come pick their own produce.

Gustavo Rebello, Biogera Farms contact, says the favorite crop on the farm is a strawberry. Their favorite recipe even includes that crop, strawberry and spinach salad!


If you want more information regarding Biogera Farms:

Website | Facebook |Instagram: Biogera Farms |Twitter: @biogera