Meals that Heal

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About Meals that Heal

Meals that Heal is a partnership between Kailo Nutrition and the House of Leaf & Bean. We have partnered together to deliver a program designed to guide our customers into their journey into a healthy lifestyle, and lifelong habits. We provide nutrition consulting and prepared meals for individuals who are interested in healing their body and mind through plant-based nutrition. Our nutrition consultations will be run by registered dietitian Heather Borders and will involve nutrition education, helping clients understand their body, simplify nutrition concerns, and provide the tools necessary for clients to create lifelong habits. Our prepared meal services will be made, prepared, and run through Wen Raiti at her successful café, The House of Leaf and Bean. Our prepared meals are to ease the stress off this new venture in our client’s life. Our target audience for Meals that Heal are individuals interested in improving their health outcomes, and for those who are at the point in their life where they are ready to make changes.

Program Development Timeline

Meals that Heal is about to launch their first pilot study in March of 2019. This pilot study will be to fine-tune the program and ensure that we are delivering the best product to our clients, in a way that is most beneficial to them. Click here to see the full time line.

3-Month Package: TBD


7 meals a week for 3 months

4 one-on-one nutrition counseling with our registered dietitian

  • Clients may choose when they would like to make their counseling appointments
  • Clients are required to pick up their meals from The House of Lead & Bean every Friday and Tuesday throughout the duration of the program
  • Meals that Heal wants to make sure our clients get the freshest ingredients, which is why we require pick-up two days a week. The more constant the pick-ups are, the fresher the food will be.
  • Clients will receive their food in reusable container, that Meals that Heal will provide, and will be required to bring required to bring back their used containers with every food pick-up.
  • Clients will also receive an insulated Meals that Heal carrier to transport meals to and from.

Additional Services

o   Supermarket tours

o   Cooking demos

o    Health and nutrition workshops