Meals That Heal: Overview

Taste Life

Meals that Heal is a partnership between Kailo Nutrition and the House of Leaf & Bean. We have partnered together to deliver a culinary nutrition program designed to act as training wheels to sustainable lifestyle change.  

We provide nutrition consulting and prepared meals for individuals who are interested in using food as a way to feel better, add quality to their life, and decrease need for prescriptions & procedures. Our nutrition consultations will be run by Registered Dietitian Heather Borders and will involve nutrition education, helping clients understand their body, simplify nutrition concerns, and provide the tools necessary for clients to create lifelong habits. 

Our prepared meal services will be made, prepared, and run through Wen Raiti at her café, The House of Leaf and Bean. Our prepared meals are to introduce new foods and familiar foods in new ways. They are nutritionally balanced, filling, and loaded with the necessary fiber to support health and weight loss.