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Words Count: Registered dietitian uses plant based foods to help clients avoid doctor visits

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Her love for science and nutrition, deciphering how things work and breaking down concepts to doable steps began as a kid with a fascination for everything rockets. When people say dismissively, “It’s not rocket science,” well, sometimes it is! For San Marco resident Heather Borders, MBA, RD, LD/N, Chief Empowerment Officer for Kailo Nutrition, her early studies and career centered on rocket science followed by medical technologies and dietary nutrition.

October 2016 Issue:
Low-Fat Vegan Diets
How Much Fat Is Optimal? Within a vegan diet, what’s the ideal amount of fat? According to plant-based expert and founder of Kailo Nutrition, Heather Borders, MBA, RD, LD/N, when one focuses on consuming a variety of unprocessed plant foods, the percentage of calories from fat is typically going to land around 10% to 15% of total calories—this is the level recommended by many whole foods, plant-based diet plans.

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