What Our Clients Say

Lifestyle changes are hard. we get that.

It’s a privilege to join our clients along their health journey. We strive to ensure clients feel heard and are grateful for the love and feedback they provide in return.


Digestive Health Client

I couldn’t recommend Kailo Nutrition, and Heather Borders enough! After feeling frustrated, and “not well” for several years, Heather was able to help me get to the root of my digestive issues in a few short months. I met with Heather several times over the course of a few months, and with a kind heart and educated mind she was able to not only pick up on behaviors and patterns that others weren’t, but provide a manageable timeline for dietary changes. Her approach was about “healing the gut”, as opposed to medicating, resisting, or fighting the body’s natural processes. I am happy to say that not only my digestive issues have improved, but my health and energy level as a whole!

Type 2 Diabetes and Cholesterol Management Client

Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my cholesterol was out of control, and my triglyceride levels were over 1600. I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to live much longer. Thanks to Heather’s guidance and instructions, I was able to turn my health around, lose weight, and get my blood sugar levels back to normal, get my cholesterol in check and reduce my triglycerides under 200. All of this was done without any medication whatsoever! And my chronic headaches are a distant memory. When I say Heather is a lifesaver, I mean it literally!

Weight Loss, Type 2 Diabetes, and Blood Pressure Client

I seriously have tried EVERYTHING over the years to get on a healthy DIET path. Then I met Heather, in a few short hours of talking and going over my health records and blood work, she suggested a plan! I told her I could do anything for 30 days, AND I DID! Now going into my 6th MONTH, yes I said sixth month, I am down over 30 pounds and living medication free. I was Type 2 Diabetic and on pills and shots for years, sleeping pills, and pills for my BP… all gone and filling my plates with substantially more plants. MOST of all it never feels like a DIET, that is what I think makes it work, it really is just healthy food choices, that taste good and make you feel amazing!

Digestive Health Client

I am truly thankful that I discovered Kailo Nutrition. I reached out to Heather in January because I was tired of being on acid reflux meds. I wanted to get some real help with getting my digestive system back on track through whole foods rather than prescriptions with horrible side effects. Heather provided me with sound advice and educated me on making choices about foods that were practical and could realistically be implemented with my family and busy schedule.


Culinary Coaching – No Cooking Skills and Teens

Heather met with me about our family goals and then came to the house to help me learn how to cook, especially edible food for my teens. It was really a great experience with both teens helping to peel, cut, and cook with us. Months later, they fight over the peeler, my husband is using the pressure cooker, and I have a limited but adequate tool kit for making food. I have moved from no cooking skills to being able to invite people over and make a southwest quinoa bowl that everyone raves about. We are cooking more, eating out less, and healthier which were my main goals. Heather has taught me so much about nutrition and culinary skills. Well worth the time and money.

Culinary Coaching- Learning To Cook With Flavor

After suffering from Rosacea and Thyroid condition, I opted to go vegan after modern medicine had not given me positive results. Kailo Nutrition plant-based cooking class was a great learning experience which helped my healing process through delicious meals and at the same time enhancing good health. A one-on-one cooking class with Heather offers a variety of meals with Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, and American flair. The seasoning and sauces created at the class are useful for other daily meals. You will not be disappointed and you will always be looking forward for your next Kailo Nutrition Culinary experience.

Personal Chef- No Time & Sanity Saver

Heather is absolutely fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable (being a registered dietitian), organized and prepares amazing food. I really wanted someone to come into my home and prepare food for me and my family that we could eat during the week. She is very flexible regarding menu options given that I have two teenage boys. I really look forward to her arrival each week knowing that I will have a wonderful variety of awesome and healthy food. Many thanks Heather for sharing your incredible talents!

Personal Chef- Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change

Heather with Kailo Nutrition has really helped me change my eating habits and lose weight. Her meals that she makes for me as my personal chef are really good and very healthy at the same time. To date I have lost 30 pounds and I am averaging losing 5-8 pounds per month. And the best part about Heather’s program is that it costs about what I was spending going out to eat anyways, so it works within my budget.


Group Cooking Class

I really enjoyed this class, not only is Heather knowledgeable about nutrition, but her enthusiasm is an inspiration. Because of this combination, I am encouraged to e more compliant with what I know I should be doing for my health.

Grocery Store Tour

The tour was better than expected. I learned so many practical things I can incorporate into my culinary routine. Heather has a wonderful way of explaining everything simply so you can understand.

Grocery Store Tour

Heather is very knowledgable about the interesting topics that I have attended at the Native Sun store on Baymeadows. She encourages small steps in improving one’s food choices, offering recipes and processes for easy preparation. Appreciate her caring attitude.

Group Cooking Class

“This class is very helpful. I have learned many new things and am slowly applying them. I appreciate Heather’s enthusiasm and the extra time she spent researching odd questions we asked. She really cares about our health.”

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