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Kailo Nutrition combines traditional nutrition counseling with practical culinary instruction, empowering individuals to improve their health and feel better.

Chef-Created.  Dietitian-approved.  Taste-Inspired.

What does "Kailo" Mean?

Kailo Nutrition began in 2013 with the philosophy that nutrition has a profound impact on our health and quality of life. “Kailo” is an Indo-European root word for: health; heal; whole; uninjured; and of good omen.

Kailo Counseling

During one-on-one nutrition counseling, our team of Registered Dietitians will work with you to develop a nutrition game-plan, which will move you closer to your specific health goals.


Whether you are interested in feeling empowered in the kitchen, or just want healthy meals prepared to support your busy schedule, our dietitian/chef team is perfectly matched to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

Kailo Community

Learn the connection between health and nutrition, gain practical cooking skills, and know which foods have the most impact on preventing and reversing the most common health conditions.

Kailo Corporate

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Meet Heather

Astronaut Trainer turned Medical Device Product Manager, it wasn’t until a personal experience with addressing high cholesterol through diet in 2011 that Heather Borders was inspired to help individuals discover strategies to overcome the common challenges associated with implementing sustainable lifestyle changes. She takes an “add-in” approach to nutrition and lifestyle change. Clients are encouraged to focus on including highly nutritious foods and adding health-promoting stress management practices as opposed to excluding common behaviors associated with being unhealthy.

Her clinical interests include gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight management.

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