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I will be forever grateful to Heather for her help in leading me to a healthier lifestyle. When I started I honestly didn’t know what to expect & when she started to gently push me towards a plant based lifestyle I thought “good luck!”.

But a bit at a time I tried a food, a meal, a substitute & found the journey to be fun. Heather was never judgmental & was infinitely patient with me. She shared so much wisdom & kindness & I would recommend her if you just want to be healthier period, not just for weight loss. Thanks Heather!



Heather has really helped me change my eating habits & lose weight. Her meals that she makes for me as my personal chef are really good & very healthy at the same time. I have lost 30 pounds & I am averaging losing 5-8 pounds per month. The best part is that it costs what I was spending going out to eat anyways!

I highly recommend you give Heather a chance to educate you about why so many people in America are overweight & how you don't have to be one of them anymore!


I started working with Heather because I’m ready to eat healthy for life rather than deprive myself of foods that I crave. I learned so much and feel so much better physically & mentally from the change in my eating habits without depriving myself of tasty foods!

She blew my mind by teaching me about different foods & how they affect the body & when I put things into practice the results were crazy cool! Food prep was a mystery & now I look forward to it because I know how to work out what to eat & keep it simple! Thank you so much Heather! I recommend Kailo Nutrition 100%!


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