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Grocery Guide: Minimally Processed Packed Foods

As more Americans struggle with balancing work, family & personal time, it’s become more difficult to prepare home-cooked meals & easier to lean on convenient foods.

As restaurant foods, microwavable meals & grab & go options become the norm we have moved further away from the fiber-rich, nutrient-dense our bodies were designed to eat. Unfortunately, we have traded time preparing home-cooked meals with a rise in chronic diseases. 


This download provides tips for leveraging packaged foods that are convenient without sacrificing the necessary nutrients so vital for our health. 

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Spectrum of Carbohydrates Guide

When people think of carbohydrates, we typically think of bread, pasta, potatoes & rice. While they are considered carbohydrates, that isn’t the full list!

We can consider carbohydrates on a spectrum, ranging from unrefined to refined. 

This download covers the list of carbohydrates to emphasize optimal health!

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The Guide to Goal Setting

Just like you need a map for a long road trip, embarking on foreign health behaviors (that need to stick) requires a guide. 

Defining what health goals you want to achieve and defining a clear understanding of why those goals are important to you are necessary for success. 

Use this handout as your map for your health journey.

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Label Reading Guide

This guide will serve you well while you’re grocery shopping! 

It explains the difference between the macronutrients & what to look for in foods so you can stay on track with your health goals.

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The Low Iodine Survival Guide

This Low Iodine Diet survival guide will minimize the overwhelming feeling associated with shopping, cooking, & eating for radioactive iodine treatment.

In addition to providing the food guidelines of what to minimize, it also includes a list of highly nutritious foods that are low iodine compliant.

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