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I felt that I was really heard, and that I have realistic actionable items to move forward towards my weight loss goal 


Heather is amazing! She provides me with so much information that is very helpful to implement.  

Heather explains things very well & works with me to find what works for my lifestyle/ how I learn.  

Heather listens, explores all options,  never makes me feel as if I've done anything wrong, encourages me, and is here for my well being.  


Heather is so attentive and wonderful. She really understands my goals and needs. She helps me come up with excellent strategies to meet these goals. Overall, I really enjoy working with her. 

Heather cares about more than just the science.  She cares about me and my well being.  She listens. 

Heather has connected well with me, I feel comfortable sharing my success, but also my setbacks.  


Heather Borders is knowledgeable, a good listener, empathetic, and makes excellent suggestions.  

Amazing advice and inspiration from Heather! 

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