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As evidenced by this 80 degree day in March, it’s starting to get warm in Florida! Someone recently asked me:

“My Mom does not like to drink water. I know it’s important for her to stay hydrated. Can you give me any tips?”

What a great question! As it gets warmer, it’s easy to become dehydrated and suffer the potential health consequences that can land us in deep trouble quickly.

Dehydration is associated with falls, heatstroke, urinary tract infections, and decreased immune function. Typical recommendations state that we should get 8 cups of water per day. One thing to remember is that the food we eat can contribute to hydration. So making sure our loved ones consume fruits and vegetables would be one way to sneak in some water.

Consuming enough hydrating food can decrease the water recommendation to about 4-7 cups/day, depending on the person’s lifestyle and health situation.

Other considerations for encouraging fluid intake include:

  1. Check out water infusers! There are both pitchers and portable bottle options (plenty on amazon), each with a perforated section to place fresh or frozen fruit and herbs like mint or basil. Lots of flavor combinations to explore. Sometimes the subtle flavor of cucumber and mint or strawberry and basil can make all the difference

  2. Smoothies are another option for increasing hydration! Smoothies can be as simple as fruit and almond milk. Green smoothies which typically include greens, fruit, and water, are a great way to stay hydrated and sneak in extra nutrients. Have a sweet tooth? What about peanut butter, frozen banana, and chocolate almond milk? Chocolate and hydration is a win-win.

  3. Taking each of the above one step further, what about popsicles? No one is too old for a nice refreshing, flavorful popsicle. In addition to freezing flavor-infused water and/or smoothies at home, consider checking out local popsicle vendors such as The Hyppo, GuanaBana, and Bold City Pops. Some are even found in local farmers markets and grocery stores.

Stay hydrated, my friends!

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